LivePod is the new innovative platform to monetize your creative talent safely.

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What is LivePod?

What is LivePod?

LivePod is a video distribution platform that provides
services to you at a much lower cost.

We merge Skype, YouTube and a live webinar platform – all at a fraction of the typical cost, on blockchain.


We will give you:

• Monetization platform for your output, whatever your content is

• Two-way video communication including chat and pay-per-view

• Complete privacy and security on a decentralized P2P network


The Industry Problem that LivePod Solves:

• Existing services are horribly expensive and take 50% of your money

• Existing services are not innovative enough and failed to respond to client needs

• Security and privacy is neglected – just think of the Facebook private data abuse scandals


We want to build up an international team of marketing specialists to get to our target customers.


A Safe Investment
LivePod addresses the needs of an existing, well defined market with a strong existing business case with existing paying customers with validated cash flow generation capability.
Providing a Better Deal
By reducing the fees content providers have to pay today by 75%, LivePod will quickly attract talent and customers. LivePod enables the delivery of content at a fraction of the cost creative users pay today to incumbent service providers.
Attractive Business Model
LivePod is thinking out of the box by offering attractive financial incentives and sharing 25% of its revenues with Capacity Donors by microtransactions on Blockchain to secure an inexpensive, lean and fast network.
Inexpensive, Lean & Fast P2P Network
Capacity Donors are brought on-board and incentivized to share their underutilized hardware and bandwidth with LivePod’s P2P network, meaning LivePod will not need to build up and maintain hugely expensive server farms.
"Pay-Per-View" Policy
Micropayments for sliced content will allow a real “pay-per-view” policy – an attractive, fair deal for fee-paying customers. Nothing is wasted. Every cent is well spent.
Enabling Technology
Lower costs will enable and incentivize people to monetize their talent, so numerous live services and ideas will appear on the market as a result. These are people who might never have dreamt of sharing their talents and knowledge without us. We will make this possible!

LivePod is the new creative platform to better monetize talent and capacity.

LivePod is the Safe Platform for Your Privacy

End-to-End Encryption for Security
LivePod will use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for every data stream on its network to prevent any unauthorized activity.
Full and Controlled Privacy
LivePod will guarantee total user privacy. We will not collect any data individually and we will not sell any data about you.

LivePod is the long awaited platform: encryption and full privacy for content providers and viewers.

Meet our platform

It is always great to have an idea. And even better to have an MVP to show that the idea actually works.
The most important question for the LivePod MVP is whether the P2P relay technology can actually be developed? Can the data packages be really stirred through a P2P network?
Our functioning MVP now proves that our basic idea is technically viable and makes great business sense.

Token sales & discounts

A private sale is a limited event where an upcoming ICO sells its tokens to a number of larger investors behind closed doors. This model is a slight deviation from the classical structure, where the ICO community supports viable projects through crowdsale only. We combine these two.
We will hold a presale round, after which we will offer the same significant discounts for the ICO community in the early stages of the crowdsale. As the sale period comes nearer to its close, we will decrease the discount rate. See the chart below for details:
Amount raised (ETH)
Discount Matrix0-5K5-10K10-15K15-20K20-25K25-30K30-32.5K32.5-35K
Above 300 ETH50%46%42%38%34%30%26%22%
<75 – 300 ETH46%42%38%34%30%26%22%18%
<30 – 75 ETH42%38%34%30%26%22%18%14%
<6 – 30 ETH38%34%30%26%22%18%14%10%
<3 – 6 ETH34%30%26%22%18%14%10%6%
<2 – 3 ETH30%26%22%18%14%10%6%3%
1 – 2 ETH26%22%18%14%10%6%3%0%
Under 1 ETH22%18%14%10%6%3%0%0%

Token Sale Structure:

Total Supply: 300 000 000 LVPD
Token Sale Amount: 50%
LivePod Soft Cap: 9 500 ETH, LivePod Hard Cap: 35 000 ETH

HODL, Rewards and Bounty:

Be an active member of the LivePod Community, take part in our bounty program!

To keep prices stable in the early months, we will use extensive vesting for founders, team, and advisors, and we reward those who HODL. Keeping tokens intact (without moving any portion of them) in users’ wallets for 3/6/9 months after the public sale has ended, and a maximum of 24M LVPD token HODLER rewards will be distributed in total among presale and sale HODLERs according to the ratio of their intact stakes to the total amount.
• HODLER lot 3 months: 2 000 000 LVPD
• HODLER lot 6 months: 5 000 000 LVPD
• HODLER lot 9 months: 17 000 000 LVPD

We reserve 12 000 000 LVPD tokens for bounty; the details of which will be published on our channels.
We will retain 36 000 000 LVPD tokens for burning options.

Our team

CFO, Founder, Angel
Peter BAJCSI, Dr
Peter BAJCSI, Dr
COO, Co-Founder
Chief Research Officer, Co-Founder
Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder
Malta Director
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Full stack developer and WebRTC specialist
Peter BOCZ
Peter BOCZ
Co-founder, web developer, IT-administrator
Balazs KACSO
Balazs KACSO
Co-Founder and System Specialist
Lina G. NAGY
Lina G. NAGY
Co-Founder, Marketing and Online Media Specialist
Co-Founder, Senior Marketing Advisor
Head of Office
Mentors & Ambassadors
Advisor, Ethereum Developer
Laszlo MERO, Dr
Laszlo MERO, Dr
Mentor, Business Coach
Sandor RAGO
Sandor RAGO
Blockchain Digital Marketing Advisor
Blockchain Business Strategist and Advisor
Marcell FOTI
Marcell FOTI
Mentor, Business Advisor
Gabor RENYI, Dr
Gabor RENYI, Dr
Mentor, Business Advisor
Richard BALLA
Richard BALLA
Advisor and Mentor
Mentor and Business Advisor
Attila VIRAG
Attila VIRAG
Senior Financial Advisor


Q4 2017


Q1 2018

Technical & market research

Q2 2018

Building the LivePod MVP – Minimum Viable Product
Team building and White Paper drafting

Q3 2018

White Paper published
Developing ICO

Q4 2018

Developing LivePod ‘s core and basic functionalities
HODLER program

Q1 2019

Developing functional and non-functional requirements
Developing website
SEO planning

Q2 2019

LivePod Pre-Alpha – tester bounty program
Generating media attention
Marketing and Sales planning

Q3 2019

LivePod Beta Code Auditing and Bug Bounty Program
Marketing and Sales for Launch

Q4 2019

LivePod service launch (both mainnet and the entertainment industry)
Sponsored content creators
Conducting customer feedback



Feel free to get in touch with us!
Make a comment, ask about our goals and plans, and above all:
share with us how you would improve LivePod.

Play with us


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